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Aleksey Gudzovskiy

Ukrainian artist Oleksiy Gudzovsky works in professional photography since 2000. Started to experiment with lots of art styles he came to his own shooting and post processing technique. His statement includes personal and group exhibitions, galleries representation and publication. His works are in personal collections in Europe and Russia.


“I’m concentrated at the combination of low lighted details of life scenes with their colors. Usually I find a subject unintentionally, just contemplating the beauty of nature and cityscapes and trying to peer in some usual elements. Sometimes I find unusual ones this way.”


“People can see elements but not always can combine them into a great complete picture. My main idea is a try to show the World and its pieces in the full colors, shadows and lights of nature. Try to see it by new eyes, the World, the same.”

,,I live and work in Ukraine. And the main feeling here is a fear for a long time for now. Fear for the people and the country, for the children and the life. Now this fear transformed to the continuing feeling of "uncomfortable" waiting. Waiting for something new: new fear or new hope. We try to hope"

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