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Fareeha Batool

Wah Cantt, Pakistan


What’s next??


As future is a word which holds optimism as well negativism within it. If we talk about what will be next on this planet earth then I must say I am very afraid but I have hope for good. War, terror and threats are prevailed around whole world like an ozone layer. The only thing which I believe can undo this negativity is tolerance. Accepting one another in a way they are, accepting cultures and loving each other without making any sort of borders, I fancy my future with people around me having trait of patience and tolerance in them.


My work is based on word tolerance. Being ceramist I learned tolerance at different stages while handling with clay, it requires lots of patience while construction and optimistic hope while firing, that my piece will comes out the way I wished for. And when I adopted this trait everything around me feels so easy, hence I consider the more you get tolerated attitude the more you can spread love and restore faith in humanity. This mural  is 8 feet wide and 5.5 feet long and its body is made-up of stoneware with frit and glaze, it depicts my hope for future that how complex things may get like the intermingled lines in beginning of mural; with passage of time tolerance can make things flow like water similar to the lines getting their way in the end and forming a new face which may belong to any entity in this world who or which beholds attribute of tolerance.

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