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Jasper Toeli

Video designer Jasper Toeli studied besides photography, 3D animation, music composition also the craft of video. After 9 years of schooling he graduated as a Digital Video Designer with a passion for interactive installations. His DATADOX got nominated for the HKU-mediale and Heraclitus' River was part of an expo at the world famous EYE film institute, Amsterdam. Closer to home was Be The Tree the highlight at the harvest festival at the Graafse Akker and he developed projections for opera and theater productions such as festival Boulevard.

This is the information-paradox visualised in the 'Horn Of Plenty'


World Wide Web - The promised medium where everyone would be able to find anything at the click of a button.

But because of this all this data it's pretty hard to find what you are looking for. And even when you find what you where looking for you don't know if it's true or not. With this installation we want to  create awareness of the downside of all this information and set out to create a huge internet spitting projection mapping sculpture and depth-stereo sound design.

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