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Matloob Ali

My Name is Matloob Ali, I live in Lahore – Pakistan and I’ve done my masters in Arts. I started my carrier as mural artist/ wall painter later choose photography as medium of expression and started documenting visual stories of children. Taliban attacked on schools to deprive children from modern education, made me realize how important is to highlight children’s right. I started studding about the issues and shocked to see 25,000,000 children are out of school even of today whereas school’s conditions and education standards are unsatisfactory according to international reports.


I’ve 14 years of experience working in development sector of Pakistan and done projects for leading national and international organizations such as UNICEF, UNESCO, IRC, etc.         


My photographs have been selected by the ‘Colors of Life’, US based Organization in 2011 and then I won Photo Humanity Award announced by China Folklore Photographic Association in-collaboration with UNESCO in 2013.

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